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How Do I Sell Movie Posters to 2nd Markets?

It's Easy! Simply Tell Us What You Have. Of course, the hardest part of our job is making a sight-unseen appraisal. But we have been at this for so long we have got it down to a science. There are a few key facts we must know in order to make a fair and realistic offer for your items (without seeing them first). Here's what you will need to do:

1. What COUNTRY is the poster from? Example: AMERICAN

2. What is the MOVIE TITLE? Example: PLANET OF THE APES

3. What is the YEAR OF RELEASE? Example: 1968 (this can usually be found in the bottom right corner of the poster. The co-called NSS number (for National Screen Service), like 68/214, indicates the year, where 68 is the year, and 217 is the chronology of release (the 217th film of 1968).

4. What is the TYPE of poster or what are the DIMENSIONS of the poster? EXAMPLE: One Sheet or 27"x41"

2. FOLDED or ROLLED? Example: Folded

6. For each item, be sure to honestly describe the CONDITION as nearly as you can. Example: Never Used, no pinholes. It is not sufficient to simply say "Good Condition"...that tells us absolutely nothing. We want to know HOW MANY pinholes in each corner, how many tears, how long are the tears, how much tear, how many punch holes, and so on. We need details. Remember, we have not seen your items, so we have no clue what kind of shape they are in. If you are simply unable OR unwilling to do this, you can send the posters in for an offer.

5. Once you have made your list, go to our QUICK QUOTE FORM.

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